Serenading Renegades

by Natasha Kozaily

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Serenading Renegades is the latest offering from San Diego based chanteuse and pianist Natasha Kozaily. In this 12 song recording Natasha is coming into her own as she weaves a story of love and self-discovery amidst a musical tapestry of soaring melodies and hip-swaying rhythms.

After exploring the realms of jazz and classical music in her EP A Tale of One Fish, Natasha finds a comfortable middle ground between the experimental and popular which she expresses in her own playful way. Drawing inspiration from her diverse cultural background and musical life, listeners will hear hints of influences from My Brightest Diamond, Regina Spektor and Gotye to the waltz’s of Yann Tiersen and vocal ornamentations of Fairuz.

Serenading Renegades spans the lifetime of a great love from conception to death with a sparkle of hope and the exploration of loneliness and compassion in the story songs of The Tiniest Elephant in the World and A Song About A Tree.


released September 25, 2013

Voice & Piano - Natasha Kozaily
Nylon & Electric Guitar - Dusty Brough
Bass - David Carano
Drums - Julien Cantelm

A Special Thanks to these featuring artists:
Matthew Molarius - Vocals
Chad Farran - Percussion
Erdis Maxhelaku - Cello
Yvonne Shay - Violin

All music and lyrics written by Natasha Kozaily

Recorded at Lost Ark Studio, San Diego, California
Produced by Mike Butler and Natasha Kozaily
Engineered and Mixed by Mike Butler
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe
Underwater photography by Courtney Platt
Desert photography by Rebecca Joelson
Art and Design by Bojh Parker



all rights reserved


Natasha Kozaily San Diego, California

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Track Name: Magic People
Your arms are so very long
They wrap round me twice comin’ back around
Down we look at shiny pavements
Stepping to that eastern cadence

Pluck my heart strings till they burst
And it won’t be my last or your first
Coz we are magic people, we do magic things
We are magic creatures, we dream magic dreams

I am oh so very small
Both hands fit in yours like a marble
Side by side we don our masks and
Shoot for the stars but land with a crash

The sound of those notes from your lungs
Tickle my ears and warm my blood
I wiggle like a worm, fall deeper in your harmonic turns
Oh those notes that colour the air
Steal to my side in your lovely stare
I struggle to define the fire that burns in our eyes

In the pockets of the moon
I watch the earth turn as you spoon me
This won’t last but until then
We’ll dance and sing before the end
Track Name: Blinded
Sitting on a hill looking down at little shadows of men
I saw you through a superhero lens walking
Moving with the wind in your hair you looked so lovely down there
I saw you through a superhero lens carving waves

Blinded by you
Blinded by the view
Photographic memories will never capture my mood
When I’m falling for you

Just another day in this old town feeling stuck in the crowd
But with you every day is an endless summer wave

I love you more I love you more then my hands can reach
Can’t say how much, some say too much but how can that be?
My new addiction, I don’t care about your future predictions
Coz I believe, I believe that love is a good thing
Track Name: The Tiniest Elephant in the World
Spoon full of twenty five spices, two flowers, a shoe
And the tiniest elephant in the world
Entered the giant’s mouth
Sitting on top of the clouds

“Hault! Don’t swallow me
Please, don’t eat me
I am the tiniest elephant in the world”
The giant looked at the tiny elephant in his big spoon
Feeling slightly perplexed
Thinking he should give this tiny little thing a chance

“I am the tiniest elephant in the world
Oh if you eat me, if you eat me, if you do
You will be small too
You can no longer sit upon the clouds above the Himalayas
Looking down at the world moving in its mundane circles”

The tiny elephants voice echoed through the clouds
And the giant thought twice about his life
And slowly, very slowly, set the spoonful back down to earth
Track Name: Who We Be
Grinding up the red to put it on my lips
And take a little blue from the sky and make perfect
Little footprints to show me the way
Because I have a tendency to get lost every day

You like to make a blueberry peanut butter milkshake
It tastes just like a PB&J, that’s how you start your day
Most of the time except when you trade
Your routine for a moments surprise, you never keep it the same

Sometimes we do funny things
They think that we’re a mess
But to you and I we are making complete sense
We don’t care what they say coz if everyone was the same
It would be so boring
Who we be? We be who? I be me you be you
Who we be? We be who? I be me you be you

We’re always in the water, we never comb our hair
We like to keep it simple and we love to share
Our leftovers with strangers, our humble home with friends
We love to play we hate to fight and sometimes just for fun we like to scare each other
Track Name: The Music Between Us
Frightful dreams leave me in relief
Covered in morning light that creeps through leaves
My awaken breath exhales in grateful melody
I believe in loving
I listen with my eyes to your sweet words that tangle me
Inspire me remind me to smile and be happy

I believe in loving
And our souls in perfect symmetry
And I believe in music
Music between you and me when our hearts lock in harmony

Twisted up in renaissance shapes
Broken in morning light we start to fade
You touch me with your eyes and all your breath escapes
Stealing our memories
Until it’s just us and this tired messy bed
Lets make room for joy and the present day ahead
Track Name: Boy in the Park
When something out of the ordinary happens
We become suspicious and uptight
Romantic gestures are too much
And friendly faces want too much

How did we get here?
Tell me, when did we let fear rule us?
And what is the answer?
And where do we go from here?

I remember the day we met you said to me
That you were the fastest boy in the whole world
I’m not a very good runner but I tried
To catch you when we both fell out of time

I fell in love with you on a sunny summer evening
And you couldn’t help but be a little confused about your feelings
But I have so much love to give I wanna love you forever
And I don’t care what the people say I’m a dreamer my love is here to stay
Track Name: Temporary Bliss
Pink patches of childish reverie
Lost in this forest of temporary bliss
I’m trying not to miss out on these gifts
I can’t help it if my heart rules my head
Especially in moments when I’m trying to get
Your rational ideas are concepts that I feel instead

You are a brush with death
And we are burned in my mind morning silhouettes
And you haven’t changed since the day we met
And these feelings of love are so hard to forget

Time passes while I stay here watching you
From our bed that we made while you float on to
That imaginary hill looking down at me looking up at you
Track Name: Shooting Stars feat. Matthew Molarius
Have you ever seen shooting stars like these
Like a waterfall falling to the sea
I recognize constellations in your eyes
Here in paradise
Here in paradise

The moon smiles down on us
And we just met but here we are
Abandoning time under the stars
While the moon smiles down on us

In the company of stellar lights and faded trees
We hear the beating of waves against the beach
You recognize a kindred spirit in my eyes
Here in paradise
Here in paradise
Track Name: Whale
A whale opened its mouth and spit me out
Coming back coming back on his way from Antarctica
And I was sinking like a stone, feeling all alone when you came to save me
Came to save me and we rose up and took our first breath together

You looked through my window and what did you see?
A jar, a jar full of really nice feathers
I looked in your heart and what did I find?
A sailboat on a flooding river

A wail of joy bursted from my happy heart
From the deep to the high the animals blessed our lovers cry
And no more were the days I couldn’t breathe I couldn’t say
This love moves me, your love proved me wrong

A whale swallowed me whole
and spit me out for a love that
Moved me and proved me wrong
I feel like bursting from joy with a wail
Track Name: The Abyss
Golden glows off this scene
And courtesy fades with the sun
As darkness sets in and hues move think on top of one another
Bluer blues and bigger fish
Staring into the abyss
I can’t see the bottom, I don’t care I’m diving in

I might drown
Oh it’s okay
I am swimming down down down
I’m not afraid

Golden fires alight in me
I’m naked against this scene
Pushing me over board pushing me off this ledge
I’m diving in
I see those shiny shark teeth
Turning circles around me
All the reds are disappearing, I don’t care I’m giving in

My lungs are begging for air
But the mystery at the bottom of the sea
Pulls me deeper into unknown territory
My heart is drumming loud
At the possibility that at the bottom of the sea
Patiently, Love is waiting for me
Track Name: A Song About A Tree
Did you hear it?
Did you feel it?
It was the breeze the cool breeze

Did you feel it?
Did you see it?
It was a leaf against your cheek

Don't pretend
Don't forget that this world is calling you
Calling you to feel her touch
Do you hear her cry for love?

Did you hear it?
Did you feel it?
It was the sea, the beautiful sea

Did you hear it?
Did you feel it?
It was a bird a free bird

Outside your window she says to you
I'm quivering, quivering
I'm looking at you through a glass
All my friends are gone
All my friends are gone and all I see is trash
I'm wishing you would like you used to
Climb up in my branches
Wouldn't that be fantastic?
And sing to me
La la la la la
La la la la la
Track Name: Serenading Renegades
The silent boy spent his days dancing round the halls of his lonely place
He couldn’t talk but he could listen and he could hear things far in the distance

He could hear the footsteps of his mother
He could hear the quiet thoughts of his brother
The wind, the bees, the flowers, the trees
He could hear almost everything

Safe behind the palace walls he heard their voices long before
Alarm bells rang and soldiers came running to guard the palace gates

We march to an ancient song
Oh we’ve been sleeping too long
We woke to a beautiful dream
And now we can’t stop singing

The kingdom stood upon the hill watching the mob growing near
A choir of renegades, hungry poor souls yearning for change

The silent boy never heard a more beautiful sound
And then he knew if he could sing he would join their voices loud