A Tale of One Fish

by Natasha Kozaily

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"As ever with Natasha’s music, the influences come from far and wide; tango rhythms, Middle Eastern orchestration, a hint of klezmer and gypsy jumpiness, dreamy, late-evening Californian guitar lines, a highly developed jazz sensibility and - as you’d expect - those sweepingly beautiful vocals (and vocalisations). It’s smart stuff that flirts with the output of Coco Rosie one moment and the Pierces the next. But the difference here is that nobody involved with those acts - great though they are - can play the piano quite like Natasha. The inspired cracked-up classicism of Letter to Beirut is testament to the depth of talent on show here.... Indeed, to acknowledge life in its multifarious hues demands the ability to see all the colours of the spectrum. Natasha Kozaily here has shown her willingness to explore not just music and technique, but all facets of the human experience. A journey does not end; but the path has some unexpected turns." - Joe Shooman (CayCompass 2011)


released June 5, 2011

Vocals and Piano- Natasha Kozaily
Electric and Nylon Guitar - Dusty Brough
Drums - Julian Cantelm
Percussion and Flute - Chad Farran
Bass - David Carano

Recorded at Dirty Boulevard
Engineered by Ian Tordella and Chad Farran
Mixed by Ben Moore
Mastered by Peter Sprague

All music and lyrics by Natasha Kozaily



all rights reserved


Natasha Kozaily San Diego, California

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Track Name: Seasons
Break it to me, knock on my door
When I was young I fell
From a mango tree
Naughty I’d be
If I didn’t love you
Can’t you see

Let me keep you in my sunrise like I was meant to

We will cry when mammals die
But frangipani thieves steal
My grief
Perfect timing
If I hadn’t met you
I would be

Un-luck-keep you in my sunrise like I was meant to

Love taste good in winter
Keeps me warm nightly
Love looks good in spring-time
Colorful blooming
Love gets drunk in summer
Sun-kissed forgetting
Love since I have met you
I can’t stop falling
Track Name: Letter to Beirut
With love I write this letter for Beirut

I yearn for you like a lost lover
What have you done to me?
What did you say that makes me pray and
Hope for you everyday

Beirut Beirut

You give me dreams
You give me nightmares
You run in my veins and
Dance in my memories

Beirut Beirut

Boom boom goes my heart like a ticket in a bomb when I think of you

And Beirut I’m asking you
Love me, don’t kill me
Be stong, don’t deny me
Hold me, don’t break me
Forgive, don’t be angry
Give me the hope for a life, peace and family
Open your arms and protect and embrace me

Beirut Beirut

You came to me on the waves of an old song and the scent of a’hawa (coffee in Arabic)

Beirut Beirut
Track Name: Ruins
You told me to build
Under a new moon
A temple just for you
Made from something blue
But I felt
My precious heart creating

Beautiful ruins from loving you

Talking in dreams
I had a vision
The sea became a wall
Vertical and tall
And I swam
Up to the sky leaving behind

Beautiful ruins from loving you

After the rain
Between the sunshine
Of your warm embrace
And the coolness of your chains
Fell my fears
And happily I lived to feel

Beautiful ruins from loving you
Track Name: Story Makers
Do it, in the jungle like a tiger
Feel it, flesh and blood when you bite harder

Catch it, in your mouth cool rain water
Rock it, On the street like blue iguanas

We are freaks of Nature
Didn’t you know
We are story makers
Dangerous souls

Slip it, through the desert sands like cobras
Slap it, on the bass and let it burn ya

We are freaks of nature
Didn’t you know
We are story makers
Dangerous souls

I had a dream that I was fish that fell in love with a pescador
Hook in my mouth he dragged me aboard, out of the water and on to the shore
He welcomed me with song and dance
The pain in me was turning fast
To joy that I inspired him to music
And after all this time underwater
I have finally found the land that burns
My lungs that yearn to breathe him
He told me no lies
That I was to die
He gently held me to his lips and….
Killed me