A whale opened its mouth and spit me out
Coming back coming back on his way from Antarctica
And I was sinking like a stone, feeling all alone when you came to save me
Came to save me and we rose up and took our first breath together

You looked through my window and what did you see?
A jar, a jar full of really nice feathers
I looked in your heart and what did I find?
A sailboat on a flooding river

A wail of joy bursted from my happy heart
From the deep to the high the animals blessed our lovers cry
And no more were the days I couldn’t breathe I couldn’t say
This love moves me, your love proved me wrong

A whale swallowed me whole
and spit me out for a love that
Moved me and proved me wrong
I feel like bursting from joy with a wail


from Serenading Renegades, released September 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Natasha Kozaily San Diego, California

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